CoHabitat Network

We are a network of community-led housing organizations and allies from across the world, who work together to secure housing rights through collective, non-speculative, people-led solutions.

03.06.2019 Geneva, Switzerland Round table Housing as a Commons, not a Commodity


Database and collaborative documentation tool for community-led housing projects and their allies and partners.


Regional Meetings

Spaces of peer exchanges and advocacy that aim to have an impact on all levels of policy-making and empower citizens to build their cities.

European Collaborative Housing Day 2019 »
African Community-Led Habitat Awards Peer Exchange 2019 »


A public recognition of the capacity of inhabitants for inclusive and participatory city-making, showcasing organizational models, financial mechanisms, and enabling public-civic partnerships

Community-Led Habitat Awards for Africa 2019 »

Solidarity Fund for Habitat

A tool to develop solutions to the lack of access to affordable finance for Community-Led Housing.


  • Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
  • Global Land Alliance
  • Grounded Solutions Network
  • Habitat International Coalition
  • Co-operative Housing International
  • Slum Dwellers International
  • urbaMonde
  • World Habitat

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