Network Awards

Public recognition of the capacity of organized communities to develop their housing solutions and build more sustainable and participatory cities

The Network Awards are organized by the regional partners in collaboration with World Habitat and urbaMonde.

These regional awards aim to share achievements of inspiring community-led housing projects and to serve as a learning tool. Each regional partner organises their own awards, which are then presented at the hub meetings. The winners deliver a workshop to share their experiences.

The selection panel includes local partners, urbaMonde and World Habitat. The local partners decide the criteria and format of the awards.

As part of World Habitat’s collaboration with the CoHabitat Network, the winners of the Community-Led Housing Awards are encouraged to apply for the World Habitat Awards, and will be entered into the longlisting stage of our selection process.


  • Cooperativa Guendaliza'a (Mexico City, Mexico) - Watch the interview
  • Vecinos Sin Techo - Barrio Intercultural (San Andres, Argentina) - Watch the interview
  • Coordinadora Centroamericana Autogestionaria de la Vivienda Solidaria, COCEAVIS - More infos

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