Community-led Housing for Students and Seniors - ISHF 2023

An event by Co-operative Housing International and urbaMonde

Housing insecurity can be a major concern for both students and seniors. We will discuss how social housing and sustainable architecture can solve problems of different vulnerable groups and provide a series of beneficial relationships for the community.

We will also showcase concrete experiences and exchange with participants on the role of student housing cooperatives in securing the right to education while providing an important supportive community throughout students’ academic life.


The speakers of this session are:

  • Audray Stadler, Head of Reception and Administration, La Ciguë Cooperative, Switzerland
  • Valentina Zaro, Fondazione Housing Sociale, Italy
  • Scott Jennings - Vice Chairperson - Student Coop Homes UK
  • Jens-Uwe Kohler, CFO, General Manager, Studentendorf, Germany
  • Gregory Rondón - Innovation Engineer - Distrito Natural, Spain


  • Léa Oswald - Project Manager- urbaMonde, Switzerland
  • Julie LaPalme - Secretary-General - Cooperative Housing International,Canada

VENUE: Institut Municipal de l'Habitatge i la Rehabilitació (IMHAB), Sala Pilar Florensa

This session is part of the "Community-Led Housing track".
Read the full programme here

The International Social Housing Festival 2023 takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The festival targetshousing professionals, community and project leaders, representatives of local authorities and professional housing associations, researchers and students.