Webinar "Land & Financing for Community-led Housing: learning from successful projects"


This webinar organised by CoHabitat Network explored how different community-led housing projects have managed to secure financing and land and discussed the main challenges they faced.

With a roundtable discussion, attendees participated in rethinking current financial systems and the access to land in increasingly commodified cities.

Guest speakers:

  • Andrea Wieland: As director of mehr als wohnen, Andrea is responsible for the execution of the visionary strategy of the cooperative, who has won numerous national and international awards. Besides leading the cooperative, Andrea is engaged nationally as delegate of the Swiss national housing cooperative association, referee and visiting lecturer on ecologically, socially and economically sustainable housing development and member of different panels. For Andrea, new ways of working and living with the focus on participative development, sharing economy, ecological and economic sustainability are key topics.

  • Nina Turull: Nina is a building engineer and feminist political ecology specialized in sustainable architecture and life cycle assessment based in Barcelona. Her interest is focused on alternative forms of understanding and approaching architecture, with the aim of creating and fostering access to housing within the terms of social and environmental justice. She is currently working as a project engineer at Sostre Cívic.

  • Marina Kolovou: Marina is an urban designer and researcher working on community development in Myanmar. She has been collaborating with grassroots organizations in Yangon, coordinating and/or participating in projects around urban safety, housing, informality, and amplifying the learnings from working with marginalized communities. Currently, she is involved in research on collective housing as a pathway to urban equality and a project that aims at reframing the value of informal housing practices to counter forced evictions.

Moderator: Alexandre Frediani (IIED)

Watch the webinar here

Publication "Access to Land & Finance for Community-Led Housing: Short case studies from Africa, Europe and Latin America" ▶ See here