Towards decent and adequate housing in Asia: Exploring solutions and alternatives

Asian cities are notoriously unsustainable. A comprehensive approach to sustainability of our cities, and therefore of land, housing, and public services, is critical to the future of the world.


This webinar was organised by Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF) and seeked to explore, demand and attempt to build alternatives in the area of housing so that the goal of access to decent housing for all can be a reality, not a faraway dream.

Session 1: 915-1015 CET - Housing solutions, sustainable urbanization and ‘Right to the City’
Speakers: Kirtee Shah (Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)), Rebecca Oochong (Habitat for Humanity, Asia-Pacific), Representative - Public Services International (TBC)
Moderator: Cesare Ottolini - IAH, Italy

Session 2 : 1015-1130 CET - Right to Adequate Housing: An Asian Perspective and current discourse
Speakers: Bipin Rai (Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, Government of Delhi, India), Erik Villaneuva (Institute for Popular Democracy, Philippines), Elisa Sutanudwara (RUJAK, Indonesia), Lajana Manandhar, Lumanti Support Group for Shelter, Nepal)
Moderator: Meena Menon - Co-Convenor, Social Justice Cluster, AEPF

Watch here

7th April 2021, Webinar