Student Housing Cooperatives of Europe - Is it Time to Unite?!

An event by Co-operative Housing International

This session organised by Co-operative Housing International will explore the benefits of European student housing cooperatives coming together under one umbrella organization. Federating will provide the opportunity for student housing coops to network and cooperate with one another to further their goals of providing values-based housing to students.

Building an association will also help to develop the potential for student housing cooperatives located in Europe through knowledge exchanges and networking opportunities. These often lead to meaningful partnerships, increased capacity and improved services. Why operate in a vacuum when you can come together to discuss solutions to common problems? Uniting under one body also ensures your collective voices are stronger together.


  • Jens-Uwe Koehler - Studentendorf, Berlin
  • Scott Jennings - Student Cooperatives UK
  • Bronwyn Walls - North American Students for Cooperation (NASCO)
  • Lorenzo Novaro - Cooperatives Europe

May 19 - 10 am EDT, 16:00 CET

Free registration here