Student Housing Cooperatives - an International Perspective

ONLINE DISCUSSION. For many students, housing co-ops are more affordable than other housing options.

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They are also an opportunity to create a community environment where collaboration and working together benefit the entire house or building.

Student housing co-ops are collectively owned and democratically run by the resident members who make decisions on operations, finances, property maintenance and so on while gaining valuable experience in managing a business. This model has enabled student co-op organizations to acquire more properties and maintain housing affordability for generations to come.

This online discussion is a peer to peer exchange with folks working in student housing cooperatives in Berlin, North America, the UK, Switzerland & Australia!

Experienced leaders from the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO), Student Co-op Homes (UK), Studentendorf (Berlin), urbaMonde and World Habitat shared their knowledge and experiences with us. We learned more about the growing student co-op housing movement and got inspired to bring some new housing solutions into your community.

  • Léa Oswald, project manager, urbaMonde
  • Mariangela Veronesi, programme lead, World Habitat
  • Bronwyn Walls, director of Community Engagement, NASCO
  • Jens-Uwe Köhler, CFO, Studentdorf Berlin
  • Scott Jennings, Board Member, Student Co-Op Homes
  • Joan Gesti & Sébastien Perrot, project manager & administration, La Cigüe Genève
  • Ferran Thornycroft, Committee member, STUCCO Australia

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30 September, 2020
19:00 CET
Organised by Co-operative Housing International & urbaMonde

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