Residents taking control: securing land rights through Community Land Trusts


Watch the recording of the World Habitat Awards webinar on Securing land rights: Community Land Trusts in Informal Settlements

Since their creation 50 years ago, Community Land Trusts (CLTs) have illustrated how communities can gain permanent access to land rights – enabling residents to take control over the development and improvement of the areas they live in, shield them from eviction and gentrification and provide truly affordable housing.

This webinar, organized by World Habitat, focused on both successful and emerging or potential CLTs in Puerto Rico, Brazil and Bangladesh.

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  • Mariolga Juliá Pacheco and Don Jose Caraballo, Caño Martín Peña CLT, Puerto Rico;
  • Theresa Williamson, Favela CLT, Brazil;
  • Khalid Hussain and Rabeya Rahman, Community-Led Development of the Urdu-Speaking Bihari Camps, Bangladesh;
  • Line Algoed, Center for CLT Innovation and co-editor of On Common Ground: International Perspectives of Community Land Trusts.

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