Highlights of the #CoHabitatNetwork 2020's campaign


This last Urban October, the network launched its very first social media campaign delivered through a collaborative approach.

We've spread the word about inspiring, innovative, affordable and sustainable community-led housing initiatives - through showcasing projects by sharing project information and involving project representatives in webinars.

We also have shared messages about what CoHabitat does, increased awareness and use of the #CohabitatNetwork hashtag, and pointed towards events and initiatives that you made us aware of as partners, including voices from around the world in the ‘What is Community-Led Housing to you?’ video.

Although the campaign is over, we will keep on developing our communications so that they facilitate peer-to-peer learning and bring attention to the work of the CoHabitatNetwork partners.


Featured projects

Webinar Recordings

Student Cooperative Housing - An International Perspective

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) - US and Canada
Student Co-op Homes - UK
Studentendorf - Germany
Stucco - Australia
La Ciguë - Switzerland

Securing land rights: Community Land Trusts in Informal Settlements

Caño Martín Peña CLT - Puerto Rico
Favela CLT - Brazil
Community-Led Development of the Urdu-Speaking Bihari Camps - Bangladesh