From user knowledges to citizen expertise: democratizing urban renewal and new construction of social housing projects


GOLD VI report

As part of the UCLG GOLD V1 Report due out later this year, partners of the CoHabitat Network have contributed a number of case studies based on their experience of successful projects overcoming urban and territorial inequalities.

Pierre Arnold and Lea Teillet (urbaMonde)

Poissy (France), Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

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In France and the Netherlands, an important part of the population lives in rental social housing built and managed by public-private entities (known as “social lenders” or “housing associations”) at under market-rate rents, that are additionally often subsidized by the State to ensure affordable housing solutions to low-income households.

However, the concentration of these dwellings in areas that are now impoverished, and where there is a concentration of difficulties in terms of socio-cultural integration and access to higher education and employment, marginalizes their inhabitants. This case study analyses the importance of the integration of the tenants of this housing stock, through their citizen expertise in the processes of urban renewal or new construction that concern them primarily

Click here to read the full case study (PDF)