From beneficiaries to participants: mapping as an engagement tool for communities

A GeONG online event


Participatory mapping is now commonly used by many humanitarian and development actors, who use it to gather data they could not get otherwise, get feedback from the beneficiaries of their projects, or complete their assessments with a different perspective.

However, participatory mapping is no longer “just” an additional data collection method: it can be a tool to get communities involved on projects, reinforce the capacities of the entire local ecosystem (NGOs, community organizations, local governments, etc.) and contribute globally to citizen engagement. New approaches are emerging that are complementary to existing and now widely used tools, such as OpenStreetMap. How can we ensure these tools and methods join the toolbox of aid organizations to encourage beneficiary participation in their projects?

With the participation of Bea Varnai from urbaMonde, Vanessa Gautier from F3E, Geoffrey Kateregga from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Sayouba Tiemtore from Yaam Solidarités. This session will be facilitated by Martin Noblecourt from CartONG.

Monday 02/11 from 11:15am to 12:45pm (CET - French time). You can register here

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