Focus on: Karise Permatopia, Danemark

A living and working community, where the residents co-create a sustainable life and a regenerative transition

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Karise Permatopia is a co-housing and permaculture project located South of Copenhagen.

The key idea in the project is to create a housing coupled with a farm and infrastructure systems so that project can be truly sustainable in the sense that it does not affect its environment in such that the environment cannot sustain the project.

The project provides housing for 90 families and generates all its heating emission-free from from a wind turbine and a heat storage. All sewage is treated onsite to recover all the nutrients and reuse them in the onsite farm which grows food for in inhabitants.

Karise Permatopia was one of the three awardees of the European Collaborative Housing Awards 2019, organised by CoHabitat Network in Lyon (France). The awards are a public recognition rewarding inspiring and innovative collective housing projects.

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