National dissemination of CLTs in Brazil by ComCat

New Favela Community Land Trust Project launched a video, a website and a Facebook page related to the Community Land Trust (CLT) model

The idea of the Favela Community Land Trust Project is to contribute to the national dissemination of both the project and the model.

The video explains the origin and structure of the instrument through an illustrative narrative. By watching the video, the audience can learn about how the CLT works and what are its potentials for the favelas. In turn, the website provides a broader knowledge about the project and the model: articles, papers, studies, videos, the history of the project and its main activities.

The Facebook Page shares news from partner institutions and media outlets on national and international developments concerning CLTs, right to housing, right to the city, informal settlements, and other related topics.

Furthermore, another focus of the project was the organization and realization of the National Favela Community Land Trust Seminar, an essential event for the dissemination of the model throughout the country. The Seminar was held virtually on June 22-24, 2021, with more than 640 registrations from all states in Brazil and over 300 participants from all regions of the country. The 3-day program was defined based on the different topics that involve the model in order to provide, at the end, a holistic understanding of CLTs.

The event was a great success: residents, community leaders, researchers, members of public agencies, and representatives of the civil society showed interest in better understanding the CLT model, in establishing contact with the team, and in organizing themselves to implement the model in their localities.

Watch the recordings of the seminar and check out the summary of the event (Portuguese only):

Official website