Focus on: Cuna de la Paz, Chalatenango, El Salvador


Transformation of a settlement under the model of mutual aid housing cooperatives and the development of ecotourism activities

Every week, the CoHabitat Network introduces you to a collaborative housing project documented on the database.

The project comprehensively addresses the problem of the lack and precariousness of human settlements, in order to generate productive and sustainable settlements, including three elements: urban transformation and integration; support for self-management processes of community organisation and citizen participation, based on the model of Cooperative Housing for Mutual Aid (CVAM); promotion of mechanisms for generating livelihoods and social inclusion.

The model is based on self-management, mutual aid, collective ownership and technical assistance.

“We are also going to sow seeds and follow up on the garden, we want to make bocashi, which is a natural fertiliser, we are going to sell it and generate income for the cooperative." - A resident

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