Communities across the world taking control of their housing

A new report published by World Habitat illustrates the international, national and community-level work that allows communities to take control of their housing

The Global Community-led Housing Impact Report focuses on the ground-breaking work happening in favelas in Rio de Janeiro, in former refugee camps in Bangladesh and in countries across Central and South-Eastern Europe.

In Brazil, World Habitat has supported local partner, Catalytic Communities, to work with the Trapicheiros community in Rio de Janeiro through diverse workshops, events and door-to-door activities. They are now establishing the first Community Land Trust in the country, including developing legal processes to allow the model to be implemented nationally.

In Bangladesh, World Habitat’s partnership with the Council of Minorities is working to secure land and housing in two former refugee camps through a community-led process, resulting in a Community Land Trust, or a suitable alternative.

World Habitat has also supported the launch of MOBA Housing SCE – a network of emerging housing initiatives in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In just three years, MOBA Housing SCE is now undertaking several key activities to create an ‘enabling environment’ for housing co-operatives across the region.

In addition, World Habitat has been a key partner in developing and maintaining the global CoHabitat Network. This has included the creation and delivery of key tools, regional hubs for peer-learning and Network Awards to celebrate and share best practices.

Download the full report (PDF)