Intersections 2019, the annual sectorial convening of the CLTs to take place in Atlanta, Giorgia

Grounded Solutions Network holds its annual membership conference and peer training event in Atlanta, focusing on transforming vacant abandoned, and deteriorated properties into community assets.


Land access, land value, inclusive housing and shared equity are intrinsically intertwined and the foundations of the CLT movement.

The Intersections Conference is an annual meeting between Grounded Solutions members, housing practioners, stakeholders and strategic partners from the US, Canada and other parts of the world to promote the CLT model, build capacities and a stronger movement for affordable and inclusive housing in the region. In 2019, in lieu of Grounded Solutions' annual Intersections conference, their members and allies met in Georgia to partake in the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference hosted by the Center for Community Progress as well as the 50th Anniversary celebration of the 1st CLT in the United States-- New Communities, at their new agricultural site called Resora.

At Resora, it was amazing to see that a property that was once owned by the largest slaveholders in the state of Georgia is now owned by the descendants of slaves, while at the conference seeing the new leadership of some of the largest nonprofits in the United States come together and collaborate toward common goals of greater equity and inclusion in the housing market.

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Past editions of Intersections have contributed to creating links between the US-based CLT movement and the cooperative housing sector in Canda, inspiring new partnerships and the emergence of CLT initiatives in Canada.