Asian Regional Meeting on Collective Housing

The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights organizes a two weeks regional meeting gathering community groups from 12 Asian countries to discuss and exchange experiences of collective and community-led housing initiatives in Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand & Penang, Malaysia

The Asian Regional Meeting on Collective Housing aims at strengthening the regional network of community groups implementing collective housing processes in Asia by:

  • Exchanging updates and reflections around experiences of collective and community-led housing in each of the participating countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand).
  • Exchanging experiences with international guests representing housing cooperatives from Canada (CHF) and Uruguay (FUCVAM), with the support of World Habitat.
  • Making key collective decisions on the objectives, tools and implementation of the 3-year project launched by ACHR and urbaMonde in the framework of the CoHabitat Network activities (peer-exchanges, documentation, advocacy, solidarity-based financial mechanisms).
  • Using the opportunity of APUF-7 to officially launch the project and promote collective housing among external audiences.

8 - 11 October 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand (Asian Regional Meeting)

  • Wed. 9: peer-exchange "visit of the Bang Bua Canal project"
  • Thu. 10: World Habitat Day Celebration "Collective Housing Worldwide" (in collaboration with CODI)
  • Fri. 11: Workshops on "Collective housing project planning"

12 - 17 October 2019 - Penang, Malaysia (Asia-Pacific Urban Forum - 7)

  • Sat. 12: peer-exchange "visit to the Armenian Street project (coordinated by CAN)"
  • Sun. 13: Joint grassroots' planning session & ACHR internal meetings
  • Mon. 14: APUF Grassroots' assembly
  • Tue. 15: High level roundtable (APUF opening session) and side-events
  • Wed. 16: Side-events on urban resilience (organized by Huairou and Cities Alliance)
  • Thu. 17: Side-events on urban finance and urban equality (organized by ARKOM and DPU) & Grassroots' commitment

With the participation of:

Read the summary here: APUF7 Grassroot's statement - We are ready! (Final).pdfCompressed Collective Housing Meeting BKK Oct 2019_FINAL.pdf