Webinar : Cooperative Housing Development - Thinking Outside the Box

Our guests will share practical development experiences in different countries, with and without an existing legal framework.


This webinar will provide real accounts from people involved in developing new housing cooperatives by thinking outside the box. We will have a conversation with cooperators and project managers developing cooperative and community-led housing in Europe and beyond.

They will share their experiences and knowledge related to innovative financing models, the benefits of creating a regional network and the challenges of developing a housing cooperative based on collective ownership in Central and Eastern Europe.

Different groups around the world are using innovative financing tools to raise capital for their cooperative housing initiatives. However, they didn’t come by these ideas alone. By forming regional networks, collaborating and networking they were able to pool their thoughts together to come up with innovative ideas, allowing them to move forward.

If you’re interested in innovative financial models for the development of community-led housing, this is for you! Participants will have many opportunities to ask questions.

Speakers who will be joining us are:

Zsuzsi Pósfai - MOBA (Hungary)
Bea Varnai - urbaMonde (France)
Léa Oswald - urbaMonde (Switzerland)
Hans Rupp - ABZ (Switzerland)
Gauthier Guerin - Radical Routes (UK)

This session is presented by Cooperative Housing International and urbaMonde, two partners in the CoHabitat Network.

This live webinar will be taking place through Facebook Live : Facebook Event