European Collaborative Housing Day 2019CoHabitat Network

European Collaborative Housing Day

Reinventing affordable housing from the bottom up
June 5th in Lyon, France from 9h to 18h30 at the International Social Housing Festival!

Across Europe, housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable and a factor of exclusion. At the same time, citizens and housing practitioners organize to plan alternatives for more sustainable and inclusive communities.

The European Collaborative Housing Day is an initiative of the CoHabitat Network facilitated by UrbaMonde in collaboration with a number of city-makers, community-led housing organisations and allies from across Europe. It aims to showcase inspiring civic initiatives, but also raises awareness and lay out a roadmap for the effective support of these community-led processes by public and private actors (in the institutional and financial realms).

The European Collaborative Housing Day is organised in the framework of the International Social Housing Festival (June 4-8th) in Lyon.


Main Venue - Mairie du 1er Arrondissement, Salle du Conseil, 2 Place Sathonay, 69001 Lyon
Alpil - 12 Place Croix-Paquet, 69001 Lyon
Condition des Soies - 7 Rue Saint-Polycarpe, 69001 Lyon
Cllaj - 3 Rue de l'Abbé Rozier, 69001 Lyon
Cedrats – 27 Montée Saint-Sébastian, 69001 Lyon



All Day: Short-film screenings and booths

European Collaborative Housing Awards

All Day: Short-film screenings and booths

The European Collaborative Housing Awards shed light on outstanding collaborative housing initiatives from across Europe that have succeeded in reinventing social housing from the bottom up.

The winners are:

  • Karise Permatopia, Denmark, for embedding an affordable housing project in a comprehensive approach integrating sustainable infrastructure, permaculture and income-generation.
  • Space-S, Netherlands, for its ability to collaborate with a broad set of stakeholders of the urban fabric.
  • Cohousing Entrepatios , Spain, for paving the way for an innovative affordable housing model in Madrid and beyond, and being an example of endurance and determination.

A special mention goes to Associazione Un Tetto sulla Testa - Ex Asilo Ritter, Italy, for its links with local housing and right to the city struggles, and its capacity to mobilise and to innovate in adverse contexts.

The selection committee also addresses a special mention to Bunker Housing Co-operative, UK, as a promising start-up project.

The winners will be invited to share their experiences at the European Collaborative Housing Day on June 5 inLyon at the International Social Housing Festival, and to a festive reception on June 6, organised by Housing Europe and partners. They will also be given the opportunity to integrate the pre-selection of the World Habitat Awards 2020.

The selection committee was composed of:

  • Co-Lab Research (Luz Maria Vergara, Sara Brysch & Valentina Cortés Urra)
  • Mariana Gallo, World Habitat
  • Sorcha Edwards and Michalis Goudis, Housing Europe, Belgium
  • Julie LaPalme, Co-operative Housing International, Canada
  • Alonso Ayala, Maartje Van Eerd, Bahar Sakizlioglu Uitermark, IHS
  • Sara Travaglini, DarCasa, Italy
  • Adriá Garcia i Mateu, Housing Cooperative La Borda (European Collaborative Housing Awardee 2016), Spain
  • Cesare Ottolini, Coordinator of the International Alliance of Habitants and member of the Global Platform for the Right to the City

Special thanks to the 32 projects that participated in the Call for Contributions and Congratulations to the winners!