Base de datos

Una base de datos colaborativa para documentar y conectar proyectos de producción social del hábitat y actores de apoyo

What is the scale of community-led housing? How many people are involved in or housed in non-speculative, collective housing and neighborhood developments? What are the existing models of community-led housing? How do inhabitants organize, plan, finance and implement their community-led housing projects? What are their difficulties? Who supports community-led housing?

Documenting and sharing the stories of community-led housing is essential for acknowledging the scale and potential of people-driven habitat solutions. The collaborative online database crowdsources information and stories around community-led housing. The process by which the documentation is generated is as important as the data itself: CoHabitat partners develop collaborative, youth-led documentation strategies for storytelling and data collection.

The ambition of is to aggregate data and stories from across the world to show the diversity of existing solutions and initiatives, provide quantitative and qualitative data on community-led housing and to connect the ecosystem of organizations, people and allies that contribute to its expansion.

Visita, únete a la comunidad y contribuye documentando tu proyecto y/u organización