Urban October: Join the #CoHabitatNetwork campaign!

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To celebrate Urban October, CoHabitat Network is launching a month long campaign to highlight community-led housing initiatives around the world.

From Barcelona to Bangkok, Montevideo to Montreal, citizens are taking housing to new levels and we are excited to share these stories with you throughout Urban October month!

We will raise awareness about community-led housing, share good practices, highlight successes and facilitate networking and partnerships via online discussions.

Be prepared to be inspired!

How can you take part?

  • Document inspiring project(s) on CoHabitat.io
  • Follow the #CoHabitatNetwork hashtag on social media
  • Share our posts/tweets and comment
  • Share on social media why your organisation joined the #CoHabitatNetwork and how it has benefited from it
  • Highlight your activities and accomplishments

Thank you for your support!