RECOOP UP! Innovating housing, welfare, and culture with a neomutualistic mindset - ISHF 2023

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CoHabitat partners at ISHF 23 in Barcelona, June 8th

Innovating housing, welfare and culture with a neo-mutualistic mindset - a conference at ISHF 23

UrbaMonde, the ONG coordinated the CoHabitat Network, participates at the RECOOP UP! event in Barcelona on June 8th. Nina Quintas, project manager at urbaMonde and representing CoHabitat, will present the cooperative movement of Switzerland.

This event is organised by Legacoop; it's a conference with speakers of different background and nationality, and contributing on: connecting social housing with newly created local services as a boost for social innovation, producing common spaces for solidarity-based welfare and culture. We’ll focus on a new model of `cooperative of inhabitants´ to be relaunched in the framework of a 'neo-mutualistic' mindset.

The speakers of this session are:

  • Tommaso Vitale - Professor andDean, Ecole Urbaine de Science Po - France
  • Lucía Martín, Councillor for Housing and Renovation, Barcelona City Council - Spain
  • Emily Clancy - Vice Mayor, Comune di Bologna - Italy
  • Filipa Roseta - Vereadora Habitação, Desenvolvimento Lo, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa - Portugal
  • Simone Gamberini - President, Legacoop - Italy
  • Nina Quintas - Member, Co-Habitat Network - International umbrella organization

Thursday June 8th 2023, h. 17:00 - 18:20 Espai Francesca Bonnemaison, Carrer Sant Pere Més Baix, 7, Barcelona

This session is part of the "Community-Led Housing track".
Read the full programme here

The International Social Housing Festival 2023 takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The festival targetshousing professionals, community and project leaders, representatives of local authorities and professional housing associations, researchers and students.