Announcing Two More CLT Festival Webinars


The Center for CLT Innovation and SHICC is hosting two new webinars

December 2nd: "Beyond Housing" Applications of the CLT Model

The CLT model is infinitely flexible, and can accommodate many types of development -- including no development at all (conservation). CLTs can do more than one thing -- and can be all the stronger for doing it! In this webinar, our panelists will provide case study presentations about their organizations and projects, demonstrating the importance of using all the tools in your CLT toolbelt to create a diverse portfolio and set of programs.

Languages: English, Spanish
Moderator: Mariangela Veronesi, World Habitat (UK)

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December 7th: CLTs and Community Organizing

This webinar will examine the theory and practice of community organizing in establishing a community land trust and securing land -- as well as the participatory planning process once land has been secured.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Moderator: Dave Smith, London Community Land Trust (UK)

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